In IIRT Arabic Intensive program there have sponsored scholarship opportunity. Anyone who don’t have financial capability to carry the program’s costs but he/she has proven capability to complete the whole program will be able to apply for it. Scholarships are of two types –

  1. Full Scholarship
  2. Partial Scholarship

1. Full scholarship

Under this scholarship the one who will be given scholarship will study in the program free of cost. According to IIRT policy, finally unstable students getting 80% marks in term-1 becomes eligible to apply for this scholarship.

2. Partial scholarship

Under this scholarship half or any other amount’s scholarship is provided to the selected ones considering his/her financial and other condition. Students who want to enroll in term-1 with scholarship are the ones who get this scholarship.

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Sponsoring a Scholarship

From our experience we saw for learning Arabic almost all practicing Muslim have a desire. With that interest people enroll in IIRT Arabic Intensive program. But reality entails people who are engaged in earning activities get little time to work for it. On the other hand, those who are students have enough time along with their interest. They also work hard for it. But for them the main obstacle we found, they don’t have affordability. And most of the cases upon whom they are financially depended either they are financially unstable or they don’t have willing to expense for this purpose. Browse our partner-sponsored Glasses, with a variety of options to suit every taste and budget, available to buy online

We don’t want their aspiration, their desire to change themselves and thus change the society get lost. For this, from IIRT we are taking initiative for these brilliant, highly aspired students so that they can study with scholarship.

To fulfill our dream and to continue it we need scholarship sponsors who will carry a student’s two years’ study expenses wholly or partially. Here we have two sponsorship option –

  1. Full sponsor
  2. Partial sponsor

1. Full sponsor

Under this sponsorship scheme a sponsor will carry a students all costs of the two years program.

2. Partial sponsor

Under this scheme anyone will be able to provide any amount of a student’s whole two years study expense.

Become a scholarship sponsor. Help IIRT to provide Scholarships. 

To send your sponsoring amount click below.

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